Studded Tires

The wait was a bit long but we finally got in some ‘average’ width 29er studded tires for winter riding.  Until recently the only 29er studded tires we could get our hands on were 35mm width tires really better suited to ‘cross bikes.  The tires we have in now, Nokian Extreme 294’s, are 2.1 inchs wide, have 294 carbide pins, an excellent knobby pattern for our crunchy winter snow (as pictured on the lower tire, above), and a supple, grippy compound. They don’t come cheap, at $200 a piece, but if aggressive winter riding is your thing they’re worth every penny.  990 grams per tire.

While we’re at it we also have Schwalbe Ice Spiker’s in stock (the top tire pictured above).  They have a similar tread pattern to the Nokians but are for 26 inch wheels.  They’re also 2.1 inches wide. 304 Carbide studs and 980 grams.  $127 each.

Of course we have less expensive studded tires in stock too, so no matter your budget or application we should have you covered.  For total convenience we also sell relatively inexpensive wheelsets that you can equip with studded tires so on icy days you can simply swap out your wheels and head out.  Whatever you require come check ’em out before winter sets in!

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