Salsa Mukluk Complete Bike

We’ve been on a bit of a fat tire bike posting kick recently, likely because (a) the web guy who’s typing this posting is waiting for his own to arrive, and (b) we have a few frames and complete bikes in the shop right now and are just itching to see them out on the trails, and later, the snow.

When we say fat, we’re talking Ben & Jerry’s binge fat.  The Biggest Loser ‘before’ pic fat.  3.7″ tire width fat.  Last month we featured the Sasla Mukluk and Surly Pugsley, the two preeminent models in this class, but since then we’ve received a few more frames and a couple of complete bikes, so we figured we should post a pic of the Mukluk again.  Ordering the complete bike from the distributor is a little cheaper than building a frameset up yourself, and we think the spec list on this bike is perfect for its purpose.  It offers a sensible mix of parts including an X7 rear derailleur and similar pieces throughout.  The end result is a price of just $1880 for a fat tire bike that’s ready to ride out the door.

Of course if you’d prefer to build up your own we’re happy to work with you to make that happen. Come talk to us about what you need anytime.

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