Focus Variado 105

Oddly, we seem to sell a lot of road bikes in the ‘off-season’, and although we’re not anticipating winter to hit anytime soon we should admit to ourselves that the dog days of summer are now behind us.  That means that we tend to find our regular routines again, and for some of us that means, ironically, as the weather turns colder we start training on our bikes more consistently, first outdoors, and eventually on the trainer inside.  That’s why we have a few new arrival road bikes, like the Focus Variado pictured above, hanging from the shop ceiling right now, just waiting for use with your fall training commitment plan.

The Variado has a full compliment of Shimano 105 parts, including the newly designed for 2012 105 brake/shift levers, which are gorgeous in part because they internally route all of the cables, much like the most recent editions of Ultegra and Dura Ace.  Many of the rest of the bits are from FSA.  The frame is an aluminum affair mated with a carbon fork of course, and the geometry is pretty much comprised of middle of the road racing lengths and angles.  It’s just a really nice, solid package at a good price (just $1580) from a slightly more exotic manufacturer than the big North American or Asian stalwarts.  So, if you’re looking for a road racing rig with a bit of euro flair come check out the Variado today.

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