Replacement Wheels

If you’ve recently ‘pretzeled’ one of your bike wheels you’re certainly not alone.  We have customers come in pretty much daily with damaged wheels, or wheels that have simply been ridden hard and long enough that they’re worn out, whether that means broken spokes, untrue rims, or grinding hubs.  In some cases we can fix the wheel, but if the rim is really bent out of shape or if the hub is really spent than it’s usually less expensive to replace the whole wheel with a new, prebuilt one than to rebuild what you’ve got.

That’s why we have a basement full of new wheels.  We have road bike wheels, 29er’s, 26 inch, rim and disc brake wheels, freehub, freewheel, and single speed wheels, and even coaster brake wheels in stock, and of course we’ve got them in all sizes for both front and rear.  Most of our wheels range in price from approx. $50 to a little over $100 each.  Of course we can also build you a new wheel from scratch with the hub, rim, and spokes of your choice (in which case the cost can go as high as you want), and we usually have a few prebuilt higher end wheelsets to choose from as well, but most of our customers simply need a relatively inexpensive prebuilt wheel to get them back on the road.

In most instances we can swap the tire and rear cassette (if applicable) in just a few minutes while you wait, so if you have a damaged wheel we can usually get you back on the road right away.  If we think we can fix the original wheel instead of replacing it we usually have to keep it for a day but we’ll still get you out there again soon. 

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