The Moonlander has landed (or at least it’s leaving orbit)

Speaking of Pugsleys and Mukluks (see the post immediately below) pictured above is literally the biggest thing in bikes since, well, ever.  The brand-spanking new Surly Moonlander has finally landed!  We’ve been really good about not sharing the details even though we’ve known about the model for some time (we were sworn to sort-of secrecy) but the goods are now posted on Surly’s blog.  We posted a preview a few weeks ago when news started to leak out and Surly revealed its 1st pic, but now the official launch has commenced.

We won’t bore you again with technical details (but you can visit the Surly blog here to get your fix) but instead we’ll share one simple number: 4.7   Maybe decimals aren’t simple, but you get the idea.  Yup, that’s the tire width in inches.  The Moonlander eats roadies for breakfast (assuming the roadies have completely gassed out after their double century and are just lying beside the road waiting to be devoured, because the Moonlander isn’t going to catch much on pavement).

The initial offering for these frames only allocated 8 for all of Canada, and 2 are coming to our shop, but they’re both accounted for already.  A 2nd order will likely take place early in the new year so we’ll post pics, video, and whatever else we can gather of the ones that come in soon so you can crave one for yourself and get your name down for the 2nd order.

Until then, you can dream happy dreams.

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