We haven’t had a lot of rain in the last while, but it’s bound to show up again sometime, and if you like to ride rain or shine you likely want some sort of fender system on your bike.  We have many fender styles in stock to suit almost any bike, but one of the more problematic bike models to fit with fenders is unfortunately also very common – anything with front suspension. 

The rear is usually easy to outfit, but front suspension can be more difficult, with only a couple of solutions available to us to help you keep dry on rainy rides.  One of these solutions is pictured here – the Crudcatcher.  It’s a simple, elegant solution.  Simply zip tie the plastic piece to your downtube and away you go.  It’s contoured to fit almost any tube size and shape, and it simply blocks your tire spray from ending up on you by effectively widening your down tube width.  This way you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of your front suspension getting in the way of a more traditional fender attachment. 

As an added bonus it’s super lightweight and doesn’t rattle or rust.  In stock now, and just $14.

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