Tri Flow

It’s amazing how many bikes come to us for repair that have either way too little chain lube or way too much (or worse, they’re lubed with motor oil or household all purpose penetrating oil).  However, we don’t expect all of our customers to know everything about their bikes and general maintanance, so that’s why we’re posted a friendly reminder here:  Buy yourself some bike specific lube.  Your bike will thank you for it.

We have many bike lubes in stock, from dry wax lube to natural, environmentally friendly products, to synthetics.  When we’re servicing bikes we use Tri-Flow.  It’s a light viscosity lube that penetrates chain links (and other parts) well, and the sall drip bottle with straw is easy to handle and get into tight spaces. Tri-Flow doesn’t attract road grit and does a great job of preventing chain rust, it keeps your drivetrain running smoothly, and it costs just $7 per bottle which will last for many applications.

It’s always in stock, so if you don’t have some good lube at home already pick some of this up the next time you’re by.  It might be the best 7 bucks you’ll ever spend on your bike.

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