Dahon Folding Bikes

Do you live in compact quarters, would you like to bring your bike into work with you but only have a small workspace, or would you like to easily fit your bike inside your compact car trunk? Dahon folding bikes fit these and other applications where space is at a premium.

Dahon bikes, like the ones pictured above, look a little crazy but have a surprisingly similar ride to a more conventional bike, and they fold up to a very compact size in seconds. Their website actually says 15 seconds, though we estimate it to be a little more like 30. We’re not going to quibble over a quarter minute. We’re also not going to quibble over the price, starting at just $420.

We have a few styles in stock at the moment so feel free to come and take one out for a ride to see how they handle, and how they fold, for yourself.

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