Niner Air Nine Carbon

We just received a special order Niner Air 9 Carbon frame in for a customer, and wow does it look even more impressive in person than the already impressive online and catalogue pics indicated. This beautifully sculpted monocoque carbon frame with internal cable routing and your choice of bottom bracket set-ups reportedly makes one of the nicest feeling hardtails out there. For now we’ll have to accept the extremely positive press because the frame isn’t yet built up for us to test first hand, but we were excited enough to get it in that we had to post something.

Did you catch the bit about “your choice of bottom bracket set-ups”? View the video immediately below to see what we’re talking about. It’s a pretty cool idea.

Do you want an Air 9 Carbon of your own? Let us know, because we can special order it, or almost any other bike from the many top class suppliers we deal with, just for you.

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