New ’09 Cannondale F3

We like, and ride, many different types of bikes, but most of us here at the shop have a real soft spot for the humble hardtail mountain bike. In Manitoba you can almost always get by without dual suspension (not that we’re saying it’s bad to have a rear shock) and the light weight, efficiency, and low maintenance of a hardtail is all very appealing, not to mention that they’re relatively inexpensive.

Take the Cannondale F3 for example: Spec’d with a competent mix of Deore and X7 components, all attached to the superb Caffeine frame and Super Fatty DLR HeadShok, this is a bike that you can feel good about racing in local events or for using as a high end commuter and fitness bike, or to simply carve up the trails in solitude. Extra quality bits like Juicy 3 hydraulic discs, DT Swiss spokes, and more don’t hurt either.

Spec sheets aside, this bike has a really nice ride. It’s fast, cuts switchbacks easily, and ascends with great efficiency, and it looks great to boot. Even the regular price of $1600 is a great deal, but we happen to have a new, ’09 model in stock that’s discounted to just $1250. That’s an amazing deal.

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