Honey Stinger Protein Bars – Gluten Free

New to our shop, we now stock Honey Stinger products. The Honey Stinger folks say that their stuff is ‘inspired by Lance Armstrong’, and while we have absolutely know idea what that means (other than that we assume Lance is collecting at least one penny per sale) it might imply that it’s a healthier alternative than a product inspired by, say, Charlie Sheen.

Regardless, we can report that the Honey Stinger Protein Bars are among the best tasting bars we’ve ever consumed, and they go down very easily. What’s more though, the protein bars are sweetened with organic honey and whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is easier for your body to process compared to other protein sources, and it’s also GLUTEN FREE.

More and more folks are discovering they have an intolerance to gluten and must adjust their diets accordingly, so this is a much welcomed product for them. We’ve already sold many bars to folks looking for some gluten free nourishment, and all of them have been happy to report that by buying Honey Stinger Protein Bars they’re not sacrificing on taste either.

We’ve got plenty of flavours in stock for you to try out now, whether you’re gluten intolerant or not.

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