Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedal

If you’re looking to buy a nicer road specific clipless pedal than any of your friends own the Look Keo Blade is a good choice. Getting it with the titanium axle option is an even better choice.

Despite its nice, wide platform (often coveted by long distance road riders looking to avoid hot spots and to maximize power transfer) the titanium Keo Blade weighs in at an extremely svelte 95 grams! This light weight is achievable largely because the Blade forgoes the traditional spring assembly in favour of a single, small ‘blade’ of carbon that compresses when you clip into the pedal (pictured above at the bottom of the pedal assembly).

To be completely truthful we haven’t tested out the engagement ourselves. We ordered this pedal set in for a customer and didn’t dare scuff it up, but we’re reading great reviews. As for price, if you have to ask …:)

Here’s a video that allows you to see the pedal in action…

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