Lezyne Energy Caddy

As spring finally appears to be approaching (maybe) you’ll likely find yourself out on longer rides, and that means you need to refuel. We’ve all stuffed our jersey pockets full of protein bars and jelly beans before, but sometimes we run out of room or just think to ourselves that there’s got to be an easier, more accessible place to store our edibles.

Well there is. For a few years now there have been a couple of manufacturers out there making little storage compartments for the top tube of your bike, but the idea has recently caught on to a broader audience and now there are many options out there. The Lyzene Energy Caddy is one of them.

For just $16 this simple little device allows you to keep a few of your favourite foods (well, as far as energy supplements go) right where you can see them. The Caddy Velcro’s on and off from your top tube and spacers under yor headset in seconds. It’s a simple little improvement that can make a big difference, and be a lot safer on the road.

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