Electra Fashion Butterfly 3i

As we continue to sell out of last year’s Electra cruiser models new 2011 models are being put out on the floor, like this Fashion Butterfly 3i, selling for $670.

The current Electra slogan is “The Official Bike of Nothing Official” and we think that’s a pretty good description of this bike. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend we’re pro racers, sometimes we enjoy amateur competition, training, and going out for hard rides. Sometimes we like a purpose-built commuter to get us to work or school on time. But other times it’s nice to not really care a great deal where we’re going or how we’re getting there – kinda like when we were kids just riding for the sake of riding. Nothing official. Just having fun.

That’s not to say we didn’t always want to sorta look cool (maybe more so when we were kids), so while the Fashion Butterfly 3i is nothing official, it is officially cool, with a saddle, grips, fenders, and even rims that are painted in detail to match the superb frame design detail. With “Flat Foot Technology”, Electra’s tongue in cheek way of saying your feet can always touch the ground yet you can properly stretched out when pedaling, you’re always confident as you cruise.

A 3 speed internal hub means you have just enough gear assistance for those massive hill climbs here in Winnipeg but don’t have to worry about drive train maintenance. Electra changes most of their model aesthetics year to year, so if you haven’t seen some of the new designs come into the shop and check them out today.

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