Modus V Shaped Top Cap

Are you looking to add a little ‘fun’ to your bike but don’t really want to spend a bunch of cash? Are you a weight weenie that likes to thumb your nose at gravity one gram at a time? Do you like to colour coordinate your components with the latest anodized do-dads? Well you’re in luck because you can visit the shop today and feed your cravings by spending just $8 (plus tax) by buying the Modus V Shaped Top Cap.

This component is pretty much exactly what the name implies: It’s a top cap for your headset (1 1/8th steerer tube/stem) with a cut out V design. The cut out design saves weight (no, not a lot, because there’s not a lot of weight to start with) and exposes the inside of the steerer tube that it sits on top of, which is a kinda cool looking. What’s more, the top cap comes in a number of anodized colours, from blue to red to pink to purple, along with painted black and white options.

If you’re dying to make a cool bike related purchase but only have pocket change, this might just help keep you happy until you’ve got enough set aside to make a bigger investment.

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