Bell Faction Helmets

There’s a new, sort of emerging niche for bike helmets loosely termed “urban”, though we don’t see why rural riders can’t enjoy them equally. Nutcase helmets might be the most popular example of these relatively no frills but funky helmet designs (at least in terms of sales in our shop) but based in part on the success of the Nutcase line we’ve brought in some similar lids from Bell this year.

While not the most ventilated helmet out there, the Bell Faction is surprisingly light for its design and fits just as securely as anything else out there. More importantly, if you want to look like you’re cruising, not like some eurosport wannabee (editor’s note: I guess I’m the pot calling the kettle Dutch) these helmets will fit your fashion sense. They come in many designs, and we have a few of them in stock now.

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