Used: Trek Portland

The Trek Portand is a model that’s been available for a few years now (wow how time flies) and when it was unvailed we thought right away that it perfectly filled an important niche. It’s a true commuter bike that has pretty “middle-of’-the-road” geometry balancing agility and stability, it has 700c wheels with wide but semi-slick tires (which can of course be swapped for a more aggressive tread if you wish), wide drop bars with a tall stem for a relaxed riding position that still allows for more aggressive riding when desired, a wide gear range, and even disc brakes (still a bit unusual for a 700c bike, but welcome for rainy or snowy Winnipeg commutes). This bike would also work well as a tourer.

The only thing that could make this bike even better for the price would be, well, an even lower price. We happen to have one used model in stock now for just $1100, down considerably from the MRSP. If you’re in the market check it out soon – with spring fast approaching it won’t last long.

Please note that the used Portland in stock may not be spec’d exactly as it appears in the pic above.

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