Specials: Keen Sandals 50% off

These Keen Sandals are great for warm weather riding (and we promise that warm weather riding is coming). They fit snugly to your feet so they’re still reasonably efficient on the bike and don’t slide and chafe. The toe box is covered so your toes aren’t at risk of being stabbed by low lying branches, and they are very, very durable.

They of course are SPD compatible so you can use them with your favourite mtn bike clipless system but they are also comfortable enough off the bike to wear at the beach, or around town. Most amazingly though, the rubber insoles don’t stink after repeated wear like some other models we’ve tried (disclaimer: we can’t speak for your feet, but they at least remain relatively unstinky after years of our personal use).

We don’t have many pairs left in stock, but what we do have is marked to half price: Just $70, down from the regular $140. Get ’em while you can.

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