Product Review: Gu Chomps

We’ve got some new energy chews in stock…Gu Chomps. Upon first glance at the picture to the left they look like Gu Gnomps, which we think would be a cooler name – we image these are the energy chews eaten by Black (or Purple) Smurfs. Gnap!

Regardless, they taste really good, go down easily, and in the midst of a long ride we find them to be a great break from the usual gel. Of course if you surf over to the Gu site they’ll tell you all about the perfect mix of amino acids, vitamins C + E, simple and complex carbs, and electrolites.

Honestly though, none of us here are chemists or dietitions so all we can say is that they travel easily, taste great and go down well, and seem to provide a boost of energy – not quite as much crazy energy as a black smurf, but that might be a good thing.

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