Scalpel Double Vision

Yup, you’re seeing correctly…there are two Cannondale Scalpel 1’s hanging from our workstand. Adorned with almost full XTR, the best Mavic wheels available, a carbon Lefty front fork, and ‘pivotless’ rear suspension these ultalight and extremely laterally rigid cross country racers are one of the most sought after bikes for serious competitive racers (and for bikers who want to feel like they’re top end racers) around.

We have a couple of customers who are heading off to a multi-day stage race in South Africa soon and they’ve each ordered in one of the pictured Scalpels for the occasion. We saw both bikes hanging from the same stand and thought “hey, that’s $16,000 worth of bike in one place – we should take a picture of that”, so here you have it.

We’ve reviewed the Scalpel here before and still hold it up as one of our very favourite designs – the rear suspension and the carbon frame material is unparalleled – click over to Cannondale’s site to read more about it.

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