Product Review: Serfas SL-ONE LED headlight

There are plenty of bike headlights out there, in part because they serve a few different purposes. If we divide them into two simple categories 1 type of headlight is used to “be seen” while the other type is used to “see”. That’s a little too simple though. The truth is that a lot of our customers do their ‘night’ riding (and this time of year that means anytime after 6:00 pm) on reasonably well lit paths and streets so they’re mainly looking for a headlight that will let oncoming or cross traffic know they’re there, but there’s always the odd stretch on your route home that is darker. For those moments it’s nice to have something a bit more illuminating than the ubiquitous blinkie light.

That’s exactly what Sefas was thinking when they put together the SL-ONE LED headlight (or at least we assume that’s what they were thinking). The SL-ONE has one watt of LED power which equals 35 Lumens. It’s enough to cast a solid, bright beam of light immediately in front of you for up to 20 yards or so – at a moderate pace on non-technical terrain that should likely be enough to let you see that pothole or broken glass before it’s too late. It casts a much longer but weaker beam up to 100 yards so that you can get a decent sense of your surroundings at the same time.

Sefas has an excellent webpage that compares the beam of all of their headlights. Simply hover over the headlight model # on the page to check out the beam and other stats.

If you plan to do a 24 Mountain Bike race in touch conditions we’d highly recommend something more powerful, but it would also be many, many times more expensive. At just $35 this light is great value for its function. Using conventional aaa batteries with up to 30 hours of burn time only increases its value further.

A universal mounting bracket is included. They’re in stock now so come and check ’em out any time.

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