Product Review: Crumpler Beer Pack

Honestly we’re not quite sure why Crumpler decided to call their latest backpack offering a “Beer Pack”. It’s all about cute and creative product names these days and we get that, but this is actually a great laptop specific backpack and we’re not sure where the ‘beer’ part factors in here (you’re employer or teacher might ask the same question) – none the less you could certainly stash a cold one or two in the many convenient and well laid out compartments inside the bag.
Regardless of the odd name choice this is an excellent backpack in general, but as mentioned it’s primary focus is to securely hold an up to 17 inch laptop. There’s enough padding and contour between the computer and your back that it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear, and there’s plenty of room left for other stuff as well (a total of 22 litres of storage space).

The shoulder straps are very well designed and provide the comfort we’ve come to expect from modern backpacks, and the whole thing feels very secure when worn but still allows the user to move fairly freely. All in all it’s a top choice if you need to haul around your computer and aren’t a part of the tablet generation.

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