Product Review: Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor

If you’re looking for an anchor point to lock up your steed and there’s nothing obvious to loop your lock through then consider purchasing the Kryptonite Stronghold Security Anchor. It’s a pretty simple device. Use the supplied concrete bolts (and masonry bit) to fasten the anchor down to the pavement or against a wall, or use your own bolts to attach the anchor to, say, your truck bed. Then simply loop your bike’s lock through the steel shackle. The shackle sits flat and inset when not in use for a nice clean look.

This device can add a great secondary layer or security for your bikes if they’re typically stored in your garage – local statistics reveal that up to half of Winnipeg home and property thefts happen in garages. If you use this device and your garage is broken into the thieves still won’t be able to easily ride away with your bike.

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