Product Review: Niner Cogs

As the single speed craze has matured into an accepted, mainstream alternative option to 3 x 9’s, 1 x 9’s, 2 x 10’s, and so on, so have the component options. There are now a number of ‘mainstream’ manufacturers catering to single speed needs, like Niner. Not only can you get a number of frames from Niner designed either specifically as single speeders or adaptable from geared to single speed and back again, but they’re also making some really sweet single speed cogs.

Surly and Chris King both already make great single speed cogs with nice, wide bases that won’t chew up your freehub body like other, cheaper varieties, but it’s nice to have another playing in the market. On a purely aesthetic level it’s cool to have an option that isn’t just bare metal (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Coolest of all though is that the Niner cogs have slightly offset teeth so that of you flip the cog around you get a slightly different chainline (that is to say that the teeth are offset from the centre of the cog’s base). We’re not aware that anyone else has done this. (Editor’s note: I’m too lazy to surf over to the Chris King site to confirm, but I know that my 2-3 year old King cogs on my own bike is not offset. Editor’s 2nd note: Okay, I got off my butt and actually took a look at my King cogs, and it appears they are in fact offset – so now you have another option for quality, offset, wide based cogs).

We have a few tooth counts in stock now.

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