Bike Feature: Niner Air 9

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The company name is “Niner” so they better make a good 29er! Actually, that’s all they make. Niner produces hardtails, rigid framesets, dual suspension, and single speeds, using steel, aluminum, scandium, and carbon fiber, so they offer plenty of options, but they’re all rolling on 29 inch wheels.
Pictured here is recently built up Niner Air 9. Arguably their most successful model (though not the ‘highest end’ – there’s also now the Air Carbon 9) the Air 9 is an uncompromising, race ready frame that looks completely at home built up with the very best components. Pictured here it’s built up with Sram X.0, a Fox fork, Stan ZTR Arch rims and DT Swiss 240 hubs, and many other nice bits (like matching blue anodized Double Ti Crank Brother’s Egg Beater pedals and blue anodized spoke nipples). However, the frame is such a great price – just $800 – that it can be built up much more economically as well and come in as a complete package for a good, mid-range price (Niner just sells frames and framesets, along with other accessories, so either you dig up parts out of your basement or we can work with you to build one up together).
There’s plenty of detailed info we could give you about the bike but instead we’ll just send you to the Niner site here for further reading, and simply tell you that the ride is amazing! Mountain Bike magazine calls it “the best handling hardtail 29er we’ve ever ridden” and we’re not about to argue. Actually, a part time employee here has reviewed this frame before in more detail and you can check out what he has to say here. None the less we liked the build pictured above so much we figured it was worth a 2nd posting.
If you’re really tempted we happen to have a really sweet looking Air 9 frame, size large, exactly like what’s pictured above but in ‘raw’ (bare Scandium with a really nice clear coat). Nice! It’s waiting to be built up.

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