Product Review: Rolling Darryl rims

(Click on images for larger view)

Check out these brand new Surly Pugsley rims, Rolling Daryll’s, that just arrived. The pictures here don’t do them complete justice – you need to see their 82mm width in person for full appreciation. As a point of comparison the already huge Large Marge rim that most Puglsey’s currently use are 65mm.

The Rolling Daryll is single wall with a deep bed for the tire bead to sit in and weighs 850g versus about 980g for the large marge xc version. That means the Rolling Daryll is designed more specifically for snow or sand where width is important but some of the Large Marge cross country riding super-strength can be compromised in order to save weight.

The Rolling Daryll rims are drilled with 64 spoke holes so that they are compatible with any fat bike out there: Lace them offset 17.5mm for pugsleys and fatbacks or symmetrical with the spoke holes offset from the center of the rim for mukaluks and others (the one pictured above is a front built for a mukaluk).

These rims are so limited that we are only allowed to order 4 per week – come and check ’em out while we’ve got ’em in.

For more pics of the rims built up and with tires click here and here.

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