Product Review: XTR PDM980 Pedal

XTR is one of those brand lines that just gets better with every revision. Case in point: The brand new XTR PDM980 pedal. It’s 15 grams lighter than its predecessor but somehow manages to increase pedal body rider contact 270% but reportedly also allows for better debris “flow through”. All this, and the new model price remains unchanged from the previous model, at $270. Wow. All of the new data, copied from the XTR site, is pasted below the pic:

•The body has improved mud shedding capabilities due to an oval shaped axle body housing, a more slim profile to the axle body, and offset bindings to allow debris to better flow through the pedal
•Power transfer efficiency is improved by increasing shoe and pedal body contact by 270% over PD-M970.
•Wider bearing placement also provide great pedaling stability and bearing durability
•The new axle body is also lighter, reducing weight by 15g vs. PD-M970
•Continues to offer trademark SPD clipless pedal performance
•Estimated weight: 310g/pr

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