Product Review: Studded Tires

Wow, is it slippery out there! The melting and freezing that’s been going on for the last few days has left behind portions of our lovely city streets with nice sheets of smooth ice. Time to plug our studded tires.
We have a couple of types of pre-studded tires in stock for between $45 – $55 each, and we also make more aggressively studded tires in-house. We have mostly 26″ tires in stock, though we do have a few 700c / 29er tires as well (up to about 35mm wide or so – nothing wider yet for the 29er crowd).

If you want to easily flip between studded and ‘regular’ tires depending on the day’s riding conditions we sometimes recommend picking up an inexpensive spare wheelset as well, which allows you to make quick wheels changes before you head out. We have plenty of inexpensive wheelsets in stock – remember that you’ll need an extra rear cassette too.

Of course if you want to just stick studs on for the whole winter the tires are all you need.

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