Stocking Stuffers

Some stocking stuffer ideas. This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a start:

Ski wax – grip or glide, many qualities and temperatures to choose from
Ski wax scraper – you always need another
Blinkie lights – you can never have too many
Energy bars / drinks / tablets
VeloNews magazine
Multitool – we have quite a variety to choose from
Toque – we’ve got plenty in stock
Winter goggles – for when it’s just too cold to have exposed skin while riding
Bike Computer – all types of functionality available
Bike cleaning stuff – brushes, cleaning solutuion, etc.
Lube and such – grease for bearings, lube for chain, etc.
Socks – get ’em socks they’ll actually appreciate
Gloves and Mitts – from lightweight for warm winter days to hardcore cold day only
Sunglasses – stop the snowblindness!
Frame pump – for trail or roadside flat repairs
Gift Certificate – in any denomination you’d like

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