Product Review: Gordini Merit Series Goggles

Well, with winter officially here and the temperature solidly in the ‘below freezing’ end of the scale it’s time to feature some winter bike gear, like goggles. If you’ve done much winter riding before you’ve likely learned that it’s surprisingly easy to dress appropriately for our cold winters, but there’s also a need to cover our faces when confronted with our awful windchills. Using a mask or balaclava and regular sunglasses often results in extremely fogged up lenses, so that’s not really a solution.
We recommend purchasing a pair of ski style goggles instead, because they (a) offer additional facial coverage, and (b) they are ventilated and greatly reduce the chance of fogging. Many also have easily interchangeable lenses which is even more important in the winter when you deal with both snow glare and a lot of darkness.
The Gordini Merit Series goggles pictured here are one of our favourites and are a very reasonable $40. What’s more, they fit well with most bike helmets – an often overlooked feature until you put everything together and head out the door. They also have very good peripheral vision. We don’t need to tell you why that’s important.
We have a few different goggle styles to choose from so feel free to come and check them out today. Winter will stick around for a while.

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