Product Review: Vittoria Pro Home Trainer Tire

We’ve featured this trainer tire once before on this site (in prep for last year’s indoor riding season) but it’s worth posting again. For under $40 you will think this is the best bike money you’ve ever spent – we certainly did.

To summarize last year’s review, this tire made a HUGE difference to the quality of our indoor trainer ride. It is so much quieter and smoother than any other tire we’ve used, and it also does an excellent job of preventing slippage when you’re moving from a tempo drill to some speed work.
Since we last posted a review we took apart our Tacx Fortius roller to clean it up and found all kinds of rubber debris build-up from previous tires that we used, and realized how much a conventional tire can wear and potentially cause problems for your roller and flywheel. In contrast, the Vittoria Pro Home Trainer tire shows almost no signs of wear and hasn’t contributed in the least to any potential flywheel or roller problems. Trust us, these tires are money very well spent.

New for this year we just discovered that Vittoria is also making 26″ mountain bike sized trainer tires. We don’t have of the 26″ tires in stock but we can certainly order them if you give us a shout.

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