Bike Feature: Cannondale Bad Boy

Remember when the words “bad boy” were something negative? No, we don’t either – honestly, the words bring a mischievous grin to our faces, as does the Cannondale Bad Boy.
This is kind of a subversive do anything bike that lets you slip into the coffee shop or a local alley cat race unnoticed – it lets you do the talking. But, it has a wide vocabulary: It’s a zippy commuter that allows for fairly wide tires that also make it great for some cross country adventure.
The parts aren’t particularly flashy, with some Alivo bits and lots of house brand pieces, but it’s all well built and does the job very well. It feels sort of like a road racing bike that’s been adapted for fast urban and trail riding – if that’s the kind of thing you’re after you owe it to yourself to take this out for a test spin. We got a few in on a late season sale so they’re priced at just $720, down from the regular $850.

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