Product Review: FRS Chews

If you’re like us you’re always looking for a good tasting, easily digestible, simply and conveniently packaged little energy boost that you can take with you on rides. Seems like a straight forward request, but it’s not fulfilled as often as we’d like. Fortunately one product that definitely fits the bill is the FRS Healthy Energy Chew.

These chews taste great and go down easily, and the four backs that we have in stock are perfect for a pre or mid ride energy boost. They’re just 40 calories each so you won’t void all that calorie burning by taking a couple but they will help you push those pedals the rest of the way home. The packs also happen to fit very nicely inside a back jersey pocket – a simple but great feature.
A four pack of chews is just $2.50, and we have plenty in stock now.

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