NYF Jersey

We’re trying to avoid making some kind of “do you want fries with that?” joke.
This fine jersey made by Sugoi is safer for your health than it looks because you won’t actually be staring at the french fries while you wear it, but you’ll probably cause the further downfall of all those unhealthy motorists who catch a glimpse as they pass by you on the road.
Joking aside, we remember when almost all cycling jerseys were boooring – pretty much a plain technical shirt in your choice of annoying solid colours. Wow, have things come a long way. Now we can embrace our not-so-inner dorkiness and wear random graphics while riding.
Actually, we think this is a pretty cool jersey, and we like that it has a slightly relaxed fit to compliment the relaxed look. There’s nothing wrong with a racer cut, but sometimes it’s nice to be a little more laid back.
This jersey and all others in stock are on sale right now! Check them all out before we pack most of the bike stuff up for the season and roll out the skiing clothes.

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