TRP Brakes

Cyclocross season is fast approaching, so don’t be surprised if we have a few more ‘cross specific postings on this site, like this one: Check out these sweet TRP EuroX Canti brakes. They look like old-school canti’s but they have new-school adjustability, like an easy Allan key adjustment to toe in your brake pads. Speaking of pads, the brake set comes with ‘normal’ pads and special pads for carbon rims, just in case you already have a sweet wheelset too.
We can attest first hand to the excellent braking power of these TRP’s, and although they have a traditional aggressive canti design the arms don’t stick out too far so for most set-ups rear heal strike shouldn’t be an issue.
Best all of though, these high-end canti’s have an unbelievle price of just $70 for a full set, including all required hardware. We haven’t asked the shop owner why they’re so cheap (the MRSP on the manufacturer’s website is $149.99 US) but frankly we’re afraid to alert him to a mistake – come and grab these (we have a few sets in stock) while this great price sticks.
FYI, the sets we have in stock are all black, as pictured here. The brakes also come in a really cool red anodized and silver, though we suspect if we ordered those in the price would be closer to the MRSP mentioned above.

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