Product Review: Straitline Platform Pedals

If you’re into trials or Freeride DH riding you know how beat up your pedals can get. Not only do rocks, trees, park benches, concrete sculptures, and much more destroy your pedal platforms, they also wreak havoc with the axles and bearings. That’s why Straitline Platform Pedals are a good investment – they are extremely durable, with nickel plated hardened alloy axles and a main platform body machined from proprietary high strength aluminum.

What’s more, the axle assembly can be rebuilt easily and with minimal and standard tools if you do happen to bang the pedals up a little too much.
These pedals come in a bunch of colours, though we just have white in stock (we can order others on request). At $180 they’re not the cheapest platform pedals in stock (we ‘ve got others that are literally less the 10% the cost) but they’re worth the cash to compliment a nice trials or Freeride build.

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