Bike Feature: Redline Urbis

This is a cool looking bike that we just had to share here. It was special ordered in for a customer, and the new, already out 2011 model looks a little different so we can’t get you exactly this bike, but we can special order one that’s close.
The Redline Urbis is a new for 2010 fixie model with a front disc brake. The frame and fork are steel (as you’d expect) and it has traditional track drop outs in the rear. What we really like about it though are the aesthetic touches like the deep white rims and matching chain. The unfinished looking paint job is nice too. Truthfully there’s not a lot else to say, except maybe that the main frame tubes are double butted and the geometry is pretty neutral – maybe a bit on the zippy side. More than anything it’s just a sweet looking, simple ride.

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