Product Review: Keen Sandals

The super-hot weather seems to have subsided but we’ve still got a good bit of summer left so it’s worth posting these SPD compatible bike sandals made by Keen.

Put simply, we love them. They are very well made and durable (we’ve used them extensively ourselves and have put them through a lot of trying situations). They seem to provide most feet shapes with a great fit, and we love the covered toe box that helps guard your toes from low lying branches and other nasty stuff. We’re really impressed after wearing the sandals in hot weather, submersed for long periods in water, and then leaving them outside to dry in the sun, always to find them as good as new with no noticeable degradation of materials or seams.

What’s most impressive though is the ‘no smell’ properties of these sandals. We’ve worn other similar products that stink something fierce after just a few wears. Somehow these sandals don’t smell, even after a couple of years of constant use!

These Keen’s are regularly priced at $140 but we’re selling them for just $90. We have a good selection of sizes in stock so come and check them out while the weather is still good.

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