Product Review: Assos Chamois Creme

Are you watching the Tour de France today and wondering how those guys survive that many hours in the saddle day after day? It’s all about their chamois creme! Well, truth be told there may be a little more to it than that, but the creme doesn’t hurt. Actually, the creme prevents the hurt.

We have plenty of Assos chamois creme in stock, and if you plan on doing an epic ride or event this summer, using some creme could make all the difference between a great day and a really bad one. Simply apply the creme to your skin (avoid the most sensitive bits) and your shorts’ chamois to reduce friction and keep things cool. With the creme applied there’s much less chance of inflammation and its antibacterial properties help prevent infection as well.

You can also apply the creme to your shorts between rides to keep the padding supple, so the next time you slip them on they’re nice and comfortable.

Sounds like $26 well spent to us (and one container of creme will last you many, many applications)

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