Video: Simple bike repairs and adjustments

Sheesh, it just won’t stop raining. That’s not to say we can’t still get out and ride, but if we’re honest most of us prefer those nice sunny days to the wet ones. If you’re getting a bit less riding in these days here’s a link to some instructional bike repair videos that you can view while you’re warming up, putting on a dry pair of sock, and getting reading to head back out there.

We found the video series while wasting some time online. They’re not exactly high production value and many are very basic, but we’re sure that for some of our customers they’ll be quite helpful. We change many flat tires a day and forget that for some folks a simple tube change is a daunting new task (everyone’s got to do it for the 1st time once, right?) so here’s a video featuring a trail side flat tire repair.

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