Product Review: Grand Kargo bag

If you’re thinking of commuting to work or school by bike, or if you just want to use your bike for errand runs and other general purpose activities, there’s nothing better than having a good set of pannier bags to help carry your load. Most bikes easily accommodate a rear rack (and we have plenty of them in stock) and that’s usually all that’s required to fit a set of pannier bags.
We have a wide selection of bags in stock, all with their own unique features and in a variety of sizes. One of our new favourites is the Grand Kargo made by Arkel. It’s large capacity, feels very durable, has all the right little extra pockets, and is made from 100% recycled polyethylene, all for $127, which is a pretty good price for a brand that has always been considered top tier.
To truly know what’s best for you though you need to come down and check out our stock, because every bag we carry is a little different from the others.

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