Mavic Cruize Shoes

Most of us who work in the shop have a pair or more of ‘competitive’ cycling shoes that are very stiff in the sole and made to get the greatest amount of power transfer possible from the legs to the drivetrain. That’s great for racing or serious riding and training, but sometimes we’re just tooling around town, and that’s why we like shoes like the Mavic Cruize.
The Cruize is stiffer than a regular shoe but offers some flexibility when you’re walking off of the bike. It has a rubber tread that provides more traction off-bike than most cycling specific shoes. It has laces instead of Velcro straps so it looks more pedestrian. Coolest of all though, it’s drilled to accommodate a recessed SPD style cleat that allows you to clip into your favourite mountain bike clipless pedal system when you’re on the bike but walk like a normal person when you’re off.

At $120 the Cruize is pretty much the same price, or less, than a normal, quality walking shoe but it’s truly dual purpose. If you’re commuting to work and don’t want to walk through the office halls to and from the bike looking all Euro pro, or if you enjoy riding to the Forks and then walking around after you get there, this is probably the shoe for you. We do have a couple of other similar styles in stock though, so come check them all out to see which suits your style best.

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