Product Review: Enervit Gels

We finally have Enervit products back in the shop. Shortly after we featured some Enervit stuff on this site a couple of years ago we lost our rep and the ability to bring the best sports gels we’ve ever had into the shop, but we finally have them in again!

The Enervit gels have the usual list of carbohydrates (Fructose, maltodextrins and glucose) and branch chain amino acids to help replenish energy levels and increase muscular efficiency and unless the affect is entirely psychosomatic we can say first hand that mid-ride these little gels really do pack a punch (actually, even if it is psychosomatic it works for us).

There are a lot of energy supplement / replenishment products on the market though, and what really sets these gels apart for us is how good they taste and how well they go down. I mean c’mon, they have a cola flavour…can’t beat that. The gels are $2.50 each, and on a gruelling out and back they’re worth every penny.

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