Product Review: Accelerade

Sheesh is it ever getting hot out there, not that we’re complaining! Suddenly hydration has became very important (well it’s always important but you know what we mean). Sometimes you need a little more than just replenishing your water supply though, and that’s where Accelerade comes in.

Accelerade uses a unique balance of macronutrients to facilitate better hydration and to replenish energy supplies. It’s all a bit technical but they do a good job of explaining their patented formula and it’s purpose and effect here, and they have a lot of independent studies to back up their claims (study info is found on the same link).

Of course all the health and recovery benefits in the world won’t convince us to use the product if it’s doesn’t taste good. Thankfully Accelerade comes in a number of flavours and does indeed taste good. We’re not saying you’re going to crave a bottle of Accelerade the same as you would a post-ride Big Gulp or your favourite beer, but you’re not going to cringe as you drink it either – hmmmm, that sounds like faint praise – it really does taste quite good.

We have Accelerade powder in stock right now so if you’re planning some longer rides in the next week make sure to pick some up, and then go out and enjoy the amazing weather!

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