Bike Feature: Batavus BUB

The Batavus BUB is one of the more interesting bike designs we’ve had in stock recently. There’s a men’s and a women’s model (the women’s is pictured here) but both incorporate a bent, single piece top/down tube. The bike looks pretty cool – the picture posted here doesn’t really do it justice, so here’s a link to the official BUB flickr account.
According to Batavus’ promotional material “the BUB design presupposes the currents present in Dutch architecture, urbanism, and contemporary design and establishes itself as a new icon”. We agree, though to be honest we posted the quote here because it’s one of the best promotional lines we’ve ever read. And yes, you read correctly, Batavus is a Dutch company – if any country knows about simple, efficient, daily commuter bikes it’s got to be Holland.

Despite it’s durable appearance the BUB is reasonably lightweight, owing to its aluminum frame and fork. There are single speed and internal 3 speed models available (we’ve got the multispeed models in stock), and specially designed front and rear racks are being shipped to us now. The seating position on the bike is upright and relaxed but the bike is still surprisingly agile compared with others in its class. It has a pretty good price too: Just $600 for the men’s or women’s model. No price on the really cool racks yet; we’ll post an update as soon as they arrive.

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