Events: Pain in the ASSiniboine

This is an interesting race that we thought our customers might be interested in. The folks at Swamp Donkey have come up with an urban race that combines cycling and paddling.

We’ve long been advocates of urban riding – believe it or not there’s some decent mountain riding within city limits – and a few of us at the shop also enjoy paddling on the local rivers (we don’t sell boats though, so don’t flood the shop with canoe and kayak requests; there are already a handful of excellent local paddling shops). The Pain in the ASSiniboine Urban Adventure helps demonstrate the adventurous fun we can have in our urban environment, right from the city perimiter to The Forks. We think the race is such a great idea we’ll even forgive the Swamp Donkey gang for coming up with a race title that is suspiciously similar to our own Red ASSiniboine endurance race 🙂
For more info visit their site here.

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