Product Review: Oakley Jawbone

Oakley has always been an innovator and one of their recent additions, the Jawbone, is another shining example of their refusal to rest on past success.

Oakley has been making excellent sport glasses with interchangeable lenses for some time, allowing the user to adapt to different lighting conditions easily. However, the inherent downside with most interchangeable lense designs is that you have to get your paws all over the lenses to remove and replace them from your frames, marking them up every time.

Enter the Jawbone. By simply unhinging the full frame you can now drop the lenses out of the frame easily and without marking them up, and replacing the lenses with new ones is just as easy. What’s more, because the lenses are being held in place by a full frame instead of being slightly compressed in the frame as they’re held in place their clarity is less distorted. What a great solution!
We received a new order of Oakley’s recently, and we have one Jawbone model in stock (in slightly different colours than pictured above – sorry, we didn’t have the camera in shop to take pics of the actual product). Of course we can always order whatever colour combination your heart desires.

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