Product Review: Chris King NoThreadSet

We don’t generally play brand favourites (there’s a lot of good stuff out there) but with our apologies to other headset manufacturers there may not be anything else on the market quite as beautiful as a Chris King headset. We actually featured King headsets on this site a little while ago, but with two in stock at the moment we thought we’d make another quick post.

If you have a ‘traditional’ headtube (that doesn’t require an integrated or internal headset) we happen to have a silver Chris King headset (1 1/8th) in stock, as well as a red and silver combo, and we guarantee either one will add huge bling value to your bike.

What’s more important though is how the headset feels, and there again nothing beats a King. The sealed bearings are buttery smooth and last almost forever. Many of our customers swap their Chris King headsets from bike to bike as the upgrade framesets and other components but keep the headset. That’s quite a testament! Come check them out today – we’d be happy to install one for you.

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