News: Tomek’s back!

Heeee’s baaaaacccckk! After a relatively brief hiatus Tomek is back at the shop fixing bikes for your pleasure. It’s sort of like when Micheal Jordan quite basketball, played baseball for a bit, and then returned to the Bulls. Sort of.
Tomek has the requisite obscure European accent that makes it sound like he probably knows about high-end bike stuff even when he doesn’t, but truthfully he usually does know what he’s talking about.

Tomek is passionate about what he does, and joking aside he really does like working on bikes, almost as much as he enjoys riding them, and he’s pretty darn good at both.

Most weekdays we have at least one full time mechanic on site from before we open up at 10:00 am thru to closing at 9:00 pm, so whether it’s Tomek or our other great full time mechanics like Liam and Tristan, you can always count on great service.

Just a reminder that due to heavy spring demand we’re a bit backlogged on spring tune-ups and other repairs, so if you’d like to make an appointment for some work that needs to get done it might be best to give us a call first at 888-4586. If it’s a simple fix you need we might be able to squeeze you in while you wait, but you can always call ahead to get a sense of how long things will take.

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