News: Manitoba by Bicycle

Have you ever wanted to go on a 2 to 3 week bike tour but didn’t know where to start? How do you plot out a manageable course, how much time in the saddle should you count on per day, where will you be able to stop to sleep, etc.? Well a local cyclist may have answered all of your questions, and the best news of all is that he’s put together a book (available online or in print) that you can take on your journey.
Actually, the best news for Winnipeg residents might be that you can start pretty much out your back door, a perfect way to test your mettle on an extended bike trip for the first time. The trip is designed to be accessible to a relative novice but still interesting enough for seasoned bike travel veterans.
To learn more about the 1200 km Manitoba by Bicycle adventure visit the official site here or pick up a copy of the book at Olympia. Enjoy the trip!

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